Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday this year shaped up to be just as spiritual, fun, and hilarious as last year. This is quickly rising the list as one of my favorite holidays!  The weather was beautiful, church was wonderful, and the egg hunt/egg crack was awesome.

Happy Easter, from the Javier’s.

The Best Dad Ever

I love watching this sweet man… truly. Nothing is off-limits for him, even Fancy Nancy.

Love you James, you are such a fantastic father.

The Bright Side

I do the bulk of the grocery shopping in our household, but in between those giant Costco and Wal-Mart trips I often send James to the store for the things we run out of.  (You know I really mean the things that I forgot!)

When he goes he has each of the kiddies take turns accompanying him, and usually lets them pick some kind of cheap dollar-ish toy to bring home. A few weeks ago it was Tori’s turn to ride along and she came home with… Makeup.

It was just a small little pack from the kids section, but I was still surprised. Had James really let her pick it out? Did he really approve of this?  After some pretty easy detective work, I discovered… he hadn’t even looked to see what she had picked.  Good thing it wasn’t… well I don’t know. I suppose it was only the grocery store,  but still.

The next morning after bath time, I found Tori all set up at my get ready table…

So, I fought my initial reaction, which was to throw it in the garbage… because I am that kind of mom. And tried to see the positive.  At least she is sharing… right?  So we struck up a deal.  She is only allowed to wear it when we are staying home…and has to wash it off when we leave.  So days home for us mean… BRIGHT blue or green eyeshadow. Great.

Many Hands Make Light Work

I am so grateful that I have been blessed with a husband that works around the house just as much as I do, if not more.

I am also happy to come upon moments like this, where he is teaching his son to be a good man, just like his Daddy.

When we’re helping we’re happy!

A Miss Banana First

Our little Javier family loves bowling!  We don’t get to go as often as we would like, but had the chance to go yesterday.

As we were bowling (and I was beating James), we realized that is was Miss Annie’s  first time ever!

She was a natural.

And she had quite the entertaining victory dance.

She had plenty of help and advice on different techniques from both her brother…

…and her sister.

But all in all, I think she has it under control.





Creative License

“Clean up, clean up everybody over there.

Clean up, clean up everybody overshare.”

-Sammy Javier

Multiple Personalities, Christmas Style

Tori’s primary teacher sent me these pictures from their class on Sunday. (thanks Bro. and Sis. H!!)

Merry Christmas!!! From the Javier’s

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